The enduring beauty of the arts is found not only in their emulation of the human condition, their expressions of joy and angst, or their ability to stir passion and thought, but in their ultimate connection to and reflection of the Great Artist, and by extension to one another in community.

The arts program adds breadth to an Oaks Christian School education. It not only pushes students to dramatically improve their talents, but it also provides them with knowledge, experience, and practical application. Our visual and performing art courses offer students the opportunity to explore and discover their inherent creative gifts, and to share these gifts in significant ways. The combination of expert teaching, student-centered learning, and our superb facilities makes Oaks Christian School, an ideal place for all students to experience the joy of artistic expression and to grow richly in their creative endeavors.

Our student-artists are given various opportunities to perform and showcase their work throughout the year. Be it through campus exhibits and performances, or community venues, Artistic Expression is evidenced in the numerous honors and accolades our students have received: the Jerry Herman Awards for High School Musical Theatre, the Ventura County "Hang with the Best," art showcase, the Westlake Village Art Guild Student Exhibits, the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California, and the Annual Youth Arts Awards, to name a few.