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Performing Arts

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Student development in the performing arts starts with elementary music and stage shows. It goes to our seniors auditioning, interning with industry professionals, and applying to performing arts majors. Our award-winning theatre program has earned local, regional, and national recognition. Students often work alongside visiting professionals who direct, coach, and teach master classes.


Performing Arts Disciplines


OCS theatre classes develop excellent skills needed for performance, while also building students' unique artistic voices. Through noteworthy stage productions and inspiring classroom activities, students are challenged to think critically and create collaboratively. Theatre strives to illuminate the truths of the human condition.To that end, theatre instills creativity, perseverance, dedication, and cooperation.

Vocal Music

Choral students are taught strong technique which is the foundation for exploration of many different styles of vocal music. Advanced Women’s Chorus, Oaks Chorale and OC Voices, regularly represent our high school in our community sharing music in many different settings. Our middle school choirs have the opportunity to participate in choir festivals and concerts.


Band students learn skills needed to play a wide variety of music at every level of the program including high school symphonic band and jazz band, and middle school beginning, advanced and jazz lab. Bands attend festivals and perform throughout the area. All students are encouraged to participate in ensembles. They are also challenged to develop their individual skills at high levels by playing in small groups.

Digital Recording

Students learn multi-track recording through the Soundtrap platform, recording musical instrument digital interface (MIDI), importing MIDI and Audio Loops and building a multi-track project. Students learn Logic Pro X to record their projects and convert them to an mp3 format. Post-production techniques and writing to picture and film scoring will be investigated. Students mix their projects using panning, EQ, compression, reverb, delay, sends, and auxiliary tracks.


Piano students develop functional keyboard skills and are taught basic piano techniques, theory, scales, chords, and repertoire as well as early sight-reading and beginning improvisation. The discipline of consistent practice in conjunction with graded early-adult piano methods will help students successfully comprehend the fundamentals of music reading as well as executing elementary piano repertoire. 


Guitar students learn the basics from chords to finger style playing. A broad range of styles is covered including classical, flamenco, rock, jazz, country and pop. By the time students finish advanced guitar, their playing reflects a high level of achievement, including the ability to perform solo.The courses are designed for both the recreational guitar player and those more serious about pursuing guitar as a potential career path.


Orchestra students must have prior playing experience to qualify for membership in the orchestra. Styles of music include traditional orchestral music of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th century, as well as popular rock and jazz literature. Music theory, improvisation, and chamber music performance practice will also be included. At least one public performance will be presented each quarter. 


Dance courses cover a broad range of styles: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, modern/lyrical, tap, improvisation, choreography and composition. Students focus on technique, creativity, physical capabilities, personal expression, endurance, rhythm and choreography. High school students may also audition to be on the award-winning OCS Dance Team which performs at sporting events, pep-rallies and local competitions. All students have an opportunities to perform in annual dance productions.

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