Theatre Arts at Oaks Christian School is a multi-award winning theatre program. Our classes strive to develop excellence in skills needed for performance, while also building student confidence in trusting their own unique artistic "voices." Through noteworthy stage productions and inspiring classroom activities, students are challenged to think critically and create collaboratively.

At its core, theatre strives to illuminate the truths of the human condition. Cultivating compassion by asking students to actively strive to understand people who are not always like themselves. To that end, theatre additionally instills creativity, perseverance, dedication, cooperation and accountability.

OCS theatre classes are offered in Middle School and in High school. Students are encouraged to attend theatre festivals, participate in the Fall Play, the Spring Musical and perform in the annual Bare Bones Production.

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Rosalind Allen-Enciso
Director of Theatre Arts


Bradley Gosnell
High School Theatre Teacher


Rachel Mikhail
Middle School Theatre Teacher