Theatre Arts at Oaks Christian School is a multi-award winning theatre program. Our classes strive to develop excellence in skills needed for performance, while also building student confidence in trusting their own unique artistic "voices." Through noteworthy stage productions and inspiring classroom activities, students are challenged to think critically and create collaboratively.

At its core, theatre strives to illuminate the truths of the human condition. Cultivating compassion by asking students to actively strive to understand people who are not always like themselves. To that end, theatre additionally instills creativity, perseverance, dedication, cooperation and accountability.

OCS theatre classes are offered in Middle School and in High school. Students are encouraged to attend theatre festivals, participate in the Fall Play, the Spring Musical and perform in the annual Bare Bones Production.

Originally from New Zealand, Director of Theatre Arts Rosalind Allen Enciso came to Oaks Christian School as one of the founding teachers in the year 2000. Before being invited to OCS, Rosalind spent 25+ years working as a professional actor. Well known for her work on the small and big screen, from hundreds of television commercials to abundant television and film appearances. Since 2000, Rosalind has developed the multiple award-winning Oaks Christian Theatre Arts program and was recently nominated for a Tony Award for teaching excellence. She has directed and executive produced over 32 major theatrical productions, has created profound experiences for her students and has left, and continues to build, a legacy in those students’ lives and the culture of the school. She has elevated the OCS Theatre Arts program to be one that is meaningful, well respected and admired.

Rachel Mikhail is a seasoned theatre teacher who has been teaching since 2001. She has spent time producing theatre with students in London, Ireland and New York. She also worked with underprivileged students giving them the chance to experience the magic of theatre. Producing Musical theatre with her students has been her great joy throughout her career. Rachel received her B.A. in Theatre and Communication from Azusa Pacific University and M.A. in Educational Theatre from New York University. Although she has taught students of every age, she has found her niche in middle school. She lives with her husband Joe and two children, Benjamin and Masie, in Thousand Oaks.