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Visual Arts

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In every area, teachers invite students to do more than copy masterworks. From Grade 4 and up, students learn to add themselves to the artistic process. Students make multiple iterations and edits to push their pieces forward to new territory. As students develop their skills, they are challenged to find their voice and create work that is personal and meaningful. By senior year, students are predominantly self-guiding, and the teacher serves as a coach for their individual pursuits.

Showcase Opportunities

Students in our visual arts department have numerous opportunities to display their work throughout the year, both on and off-campus, film festivals, juried art shows and local venues.

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Visual Arts Disciplines


Photography can be used to communicate powerful messages and can tell meaningful stories. The goal of the photography discipline is to go beyond the basics of using a camera to take good photos. We teach students how to use their photography skills to make a positive influence in their community. The photography pathway is part of the high school Institute of Arts and Innovation.

Ceramics and 3D

Ceramics and 3D sculpture teaches students functional and decorative self-expression in sculpture and pottery. We challenge students; minds by focusing on personal expression and creativity. Students work with assorted media such as wire, wood, plaster, and clay.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is taught using the industry standard: Adobe Creative Suite applications - Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, and motion graphics in After Effects. Students are taught the elements of art, principles of design, color theory, and typography. There are ample projects, giving students many avenues to develop their artistic skills and improve their mastery of the Adobe software programs.


Through hands-on projects students focus on storytelling, film literacy, and the production skills of filming and editing. Students are engaged in all aspects of the film making process from script to screen. Partnerships with studios and prominent directors, writers and producers provide an invaluable resource to the students. It is part of the concentrated course of study in the film disciple of the high school Institute of Arts and Innovation.



Through visual imagery and writing, students interview, gather information through research, and compile a beautiful,historic book. Students make decisions about coverage and content, including the book’s theme. Yearbook is one of the best classes to teach life skills of collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and meeting real-world deadlines. High school students will be eligible for leadership roles and for membership into the OCS Quill & Scroll International Honor Society.


Students build on the artistic foundations of good composition, balance, color theory and drawing techniques.
Emphasis is on storytelling skills and character development as well as animation principles such as timing, spacing, squash and stretch, and staging. Students use Adobe Animate and other digital animation programs.

Broadcast News

The high school broadcast news class produces Oaks News, a student-run broadcast which airs monthly for the high school student body during assembly. Students write, film and edit high school news, sports, and feature stories of interest to the student body. They work collaboratively while learning how to meet real world deadlines and production schedules.