Visual Arts

Different than the written or spoken word, visual arts is a unique method of communication. At Oaks Christian, our visual arts students are budding story tellers through the mediums of pencil, chalk, paints, clay and cameras. Our program is designed to give students top-notch exposure to both the how and why of art-making. Visual arts students are actively engaged in creating and exhibiting art work under the direction of dedicated faculty art experts. The art faculty is fully committed to helping all students discover the joy of creative expression, regardless of their perceived ability or initial confidence.

To help students fully experience the process of communicating through art, the school provides numerous venues for display of work, from professional quality exhibits of framed art in the campus hallways to large scale gallery shows held each year. The school features an art wing, with specially designed facilities for sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting, and digital and traditional photography. Video production, film and graphic design enjoy state-of-the-art Mac labs. Several levels of classes are offered within these media, allowing students opportunities to maximize their experience in areas of special interest.