3-D Art and Ceramics
3D art and ceramics at Oaks Christian teaches students functional and decorative self- expression in sculpture and pottery. It embraces the students willing to work with assorted media such as wire, wood, plaster, and clay. The students learn about the application of the elements of art and principles of design, aesthetics and both written and verbal critiquing. They work with subtractive carving, modeling, casting and construction in gluing and nailing materials together, assemblage and kinetic sculpture.

Ceramics at Oaks Christian challenges students' minds by focusing on personal expression and creativity. Students begin to understand the capabilities of clay through hand building techniques such as coil forming, slab construction and pinch pot techniques. Students learn to center, open, shape, and trim clay on the potter’s wheel. They also experiment with a variety of ways to decorate and glaze ceramic pieces.

Pablo Guerrero
High School Ceramics Teacher


Nissa Hatfield
Middle School Ceramics Teacher