Pablo Guerrero earned his degree in Fine Arts from Biola University. Guerrero teaches ceramics at Oaks Christian High School, including introduction to ceramics and advance 3D art that focuses on fundamental processes to create functional and sculptural pieces of pottery. His class mainly explores hand-building techniques and uses the pottery wheel to achieve a basic understanding of wheel-thrown work.

During his tenure as an art teacher, he has worked with a wide range of ages and has come to realize that high school is his favorite. It is during this time that creativity is at its most significant peak. It is also at this age that students are able to really sharpen their technical skills if given the right environment and tools to experiment with.

His success as an art teacher has stemmed from creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. Guerrero has facilitated positive change and outcomes in his student's life and artwork with these qualities.

Nissa Hatfield earned her bachelor of arts degree from Westmont College and her master of arts from National University. She began working at Oaks Christian School in 2001, one year after the school was founded. 

Watching students create art allows Hatfield the opportunity to see a dynamic, energetic mind come alive through the creative process. The visual arts classes she teaches include ceramics, drawing and painting, 3-D Art, multicultural art, and visual arts to the Academy V students. She is also the middle school yearbook advisor.

Whether sculpting a creature out of clay or painting a landscape, she enjoys watching students express their creative gifts through these classes. She considers it a privilege to come alongside these students and guide them in this experience.