Anna Wadman
Visual Arts
Department Chair


Lynnae Maki
Middle School Drawing &
Painting Teacher


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Drawing & Painting
This course is designed to help further students' sense of design and technique, as well as to help the students realize how 2-dimensional arts play a role in society and in emotional and spiritual expression. We study and respond to the work of other artists to learn about visual expression and how to appreciate other artwork. The students enhance their drawing and painting skills through various projects. Students have opportunities to create works of art using many different mediums and tools such as pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, oils, and printmaking.

Drawing & Painting Advanced
As painting and drawing focused on learning technique and enhancing skill, advanced drawing and painting focuses on enhancing the student's creativity and understanding of 2-D composition. The students take the skills they acquired in Drawing & Painting and apply them to the studies of work of other artists. This course also focuses on how an artist prepares for various careers that employ capable and knowledgeable sketch artists and painters. The course will also explore how a Christian artist goes about seeking artistic purpose and how to follow it in an art career. Prerequisite: Drawing & Painting

Advanced Drawing & Painting Portfolio
This is a unique studio course where students choose a theme and create a unified body of work through investigation and experimentation. The foundation of the course will be producing a portfolio for admittance into an art program at the college level. Students are given liberty in choosing mediums and will be expected to expand their preconceived ideas through research. Also, the students will be meeting with college representatives and practicing artists, and visiting art museums. The students will also participate in regular critiques of their own work as well as the work of their peers.