Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Advanced Graphic Design
Graphic design is all around us. It is communication by means of images, colors and words. Graphic design is a very relevant course in today's modern culture and education. It not only teaches computer skills, and design software applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but it also teaches students how to effectively communicate ideas, or messages.

In the beginning graphic design classes students are introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite applications; Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. At the same time, they are taught about elements of art, principles of design, color theory and typography.

Students then begin utilizing these skills to develop compositions to express ideas, communicate messages, or to create pleasing art for self-expression. There are ample projects required which give students many avenues to develop their artistic skills and improve their mastery of the Adobe software programs.

Students who wish to continue their digital design skills can enroll in the Advanced Graphic Design course which teaches more advanced skills in the Adobe software programs.

There is no better course to learn 21st century skills than Yearbook. Yearbook is a class that utilizes practical application of digital design, photography and writing skills to produce a published book that is anticipated and treasured by the entire OCS community.

Students learn, and practically apply. many skills in producing the yearbook that they will also utilize in college and in career. Some of these skills include concise writing, research, brainstorming, interviewing (listening skills), reporting, desktop publishing and graphic design, photojournalism, photo editing, effective communication through digital tools (email and social media), team building and collaboration, and time management.

A student’s participation on yearbook not only results in a personal accomplishment, but is publicly celebrated by their peers and their teachers. No other class provides them with an important published piece that they will treasure for years. Both our middle school and high school yearbooks are cherished by the students, and our high school yearbook has won AWARDS AND HONORS.