Graphic design is all around us, teaching students how to communicate ideas or messages. It utilizes images, colors, and words by teaching us computer skills and design software applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

At the beginning of graphic design classes, students are introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite applications; Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. At the same time, they are taught about elements of art, principles of design, color theory, and typography. Students then begin utilizing these skills to develop compositions to express ideas, communicate messages, or create fine art. There are ample projects required, giving students many avenues to develop their artistic skills and improve their mastery of the Adobe software programs.

Students who wish to continue their digital design skills can enroll in the Advanced Graphic Design course, which teaches more advanced skills in the Adobe software programs.

Blanca Schnobrich
High School 
Digital Design &
Yearbook Advisor


Pablo Guerrero
High School
Yearbook Co-advisor


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Student Artwork

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YearbookThere is no better course to learn 21st century skills than Yearbook. Yearbook is a class that utilizes practical application of digital design, photography and writing skills to produce a published book that is anticipated and treasured by the entire OCS community.

Students learn, and practically apply. many skills in producing the yearbook that they will also utilize in college and in career. Some of these skills include concise writing, research, brainstorming, interviewing (listening skills), reporting, desktop publishing and graphic design, photojournalism, photo editing, effective communication through digital tools (email and social media), team building and collaboration, and time management.

A student’s participation on yearbook not only results in a personal accomplishment, but is publicly celebrated by their peers and their teachers. No other class provides them with an important published piece that they will treasure for years. Both our middle school and high school yearbooks are cherished by the students, and our high school yearbook has won AWARDS AND HONORS.

Titled, "Coming of Age," OCS high school yearbook was selected as a silver medalist in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Awards. The publication paid tribute to the school's 15-year anniversary and its growth as one of the most prestigious college-preparatory schools in the nation, while also encapsulating the high school experience of students transitioning into young adulthood.

Staff members were: Iverson Latrell, Molinar Jones, Derrick Kwak '18, Ji Hae (Stella) Park '18, Stephen White '18. Blanca Schnobrich served as the faculty adviser.

The OCS high school 2018-19 yearbook, “Beyond Limits,” received a first-place rating from the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) for a compelling theme that was carried throughout the book with phrases and graphics, strong photography, stories and design.

The book also received an impressive three marks of distinction in coverage, writing & editing, and photography. The student yearbook staff was led by co-editors-in-chief Hailey Martinez and Megan Mosquera, Class of 2019, and the class was advised by Blanca Schnobrich.

The school was celebrating its 20th anniversary, aligning with the 2020 graduating class, hence the book’s theme “The Roaring 20s." It was also a perfect title for a school with a lion mascot.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Blanca Schnobrich's class prevailed and produced, yet again, an award-winning publication that earned them a Gold Medal rating with the prestigious Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).

Editor-in-chief Makena Ryan, Sports Section Editor Ethan Semeleng, Graphic Designer Tyler Akerley, Photo Editor Kenzie Orloff

Natalie Benson, Maggie Bradley, Amelia Compton, Kristina Greenwood, Ashley Hopkins, Shadeh Jaberi, Rachel Marek, Ana Nourishad, Emma Nowlin, Marley Toarmina

Ryan Akerley, Vivian Bian, Ryan Brankovic, Dominick Guerrero, Emily Pacich