Blanca Schnobrich holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Cal State Los Angeles and brings over 20 years of experience in teaching from her career in photography, graphic design, and journalism. She began working in the corporate world, specifically merchandise marketing, before becoming a graphic design and photography teacher at Village Christian School. She was also the graphic designer for the marketing department. She served at VCS for 15 years before joining Oaks Christian School.

A few years after entering the teaching field, Schnobrich realized her original pursuit of journalism and communication was a tremendous asset since graphic design and photography are all about practical, visual communication. She enjoys the rewarding opportunities to watch budding designers and photographers and their excitement in learning digital tools to create, communicate, and express their thoughts and ideas. Many of her students have pursued careers in graphic design and photography.

When she began teaching, she also served as the yearbook advisor and loved the program and its collaboration of her three interests; writing, photography, and design. Given her journalism and visual communication background through innovation, it was a perfect match. She particularly values the opportunities the yearbook gives students to learn 21st-century skills in a way most other courses don’t.

When not teaching, she continues to serve corporations and individuals with graphic design and photography needs, keeping herself up-to-date with current trends and software applications used in the professional world.

Pablo Guerrero earned his degree in Fine Arts from Biola University. Guerrero teaches ceramics at Oaks Christian High School, including introduction to ceramics and advance 3D art that focuses on fundamental processes to create functional and sculptural pieces of pottery. His class mainly explores hand-building techniques and uses the pottery wheel to achieve a basic understanding of wheel-thrown work.

During his tenure as an art teacher, he has worked with a wide range of ages and has come to realize that high school is his favorite. It is during this time that creativity is at its most significant peak. It is also at this age that students are able to really sharpen their technical skills if given the right environment and tools to experiment with.

His success as an art teacher has stemmed from creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. Guerrero has facilitated positive change and outcomes in his student's life and artwork with these qualities.