Alumni Visits!

oaksalumni OCS theatre alumna, Imogen Browder graduated in 2012, had her first episode of television air last Sunday! She was a staff writer for the show SWAT on CBS. She is about to head off to Canada for 7 weeks to produce two episodes, one that she wrote, of a new show called The Night Agent starring Robert Patrick.

oaksalumni Brandon Ellingwood, Class of 2014, stopped by to use our sports field to play a game of lacrosse!

oaksalumni Paul Mata, Class of 2021, came to stop by and visit Mary Kay Altizer Performing Arts Department Chair. Paul is studying Commercial Music at Azusa Pacific University. He also was able to stop by and visit Mrs. Altizer. 

oaksalumni Robert Pufahl and Morgan Pufahl, nee Owen, are graduates of 2015. They recently got married Dec. 2021. As they came to campus, they had a special encounter with "Commander" Karen Coyle our high school principal!

oaksalumni Annija Teteris, Class of 2020, graced us with her presence today! A soprano in the making, Annija is working toward her Bachelors in Music at Manhattan School of Music. She came to visit Rosalind "Mama E" Allen-Enciso, Theatre Arts Director.

oaksalumni Former graphic design student, Nathan Weber, Class of 2020, came to the high school art show last in May. He is currently working in the music industry, primarily designing album covers.