The Oaks Fund

The Oaks Fund is a vital fundraiser for our school each year which bridges the gap between tuition and actual operating costs. Donations raised through The Oaks Fund are invested directly into programs and resources that benefit every OCS student. This year our OCS founders David Price and Dallas Price-Van Breda will match every gift given to The 2017-18 Oaks Fund (up to $500,000) to help us reach our goal of 1 million dollars, enabling us to double the impact of each gift. We encourage every family to participate and give at any level—large or small.

Educational experiences made possible by donor support!

The following are some examples of the many programs supported by your donations to The Oaks Fund.

  • Makerspace Classrooms for Robotics and Computer Coding
  • Leadership and Spiritual Life Retreats
  • Full-time Athletic Coaches
  • Film and Animation Program Enhancements
  • Mac Computer Labs
  • Entrepreneurship and Engineering Program Development
  • Library Renovations
  • MIddle School International Space Station Partnership

The Oaks Fund Category

The Oaks Fund Category Amount
Lions Society
Gifts of up to $999
Bronze Lions Society
Silver Lions Society
Golden Lion's Society

All of the above donors will be given ANNUAL recognition on the Donor Wall located in the Crockett Family Atrium of the high school building.

The oaks Fund Category Amount
Oaks Society
Grand Oaks Society
$20,000 and above
Heritage Society
$50,000 and above

All of the above donors will be given LIFETIME recognition on the Donor Wall located in the Crockett Family Atrium of the high school building.

Matching Gifts

Find out if your company will match your gift!

Visit the Matching Gifts website, and enter the name of your company.

Ways to Give

Oaks Christian School offers three ways to give on your terms:

  1. A one-time gift to The Oaks Fund
  2. A pledge commitment with an option to pay quarterly or monthly (not for donations less the $2,500)
  3. An annual multi-year pledge with quarterly payments

Your generous gift is tax-deductible.


  1. What is The Oaks Fund?
    The Oaks Fund is the most common kind of giving at Oaks Christian School, and is a vital part of any strong independent school. It is the one fundraiser we ask every family to support every year. It’s designed to fortify the expanding program and operational needs of the school. The Oaks Fund also provides unrestricted, critical resources that support the essentials of a quality program such as faculty/professional development, classroom supplies, technology upgrades, classroom equipment, and campus safety. Essentially, The Oaks Fund accounts for a significant percentage of the annual operating budget of the school.
  2. As a parent, why should I make a contribution in addition to tuition?
    Since 100% of our students benefit from The Oaks Fund, we strongly encourage 100% of our OCS families to support our efforts each year. In a very real sense, The Oaks Fund allows each and every OCS student to benefit from all the things that set our school apart from other institutions.
  3. Why does Oaks Christian School solicit each year for the Oaks Fund?
    The Oaks Fund raises dollars in annual gifts that are generally used within the fiscal year in which they are raised to support the annual operating budget of the school.
  4. Who determines how The Oaks Fund monies are spent?
    Our Chief Operating Officer, along with our Finance Department, determines how donations received from The Oaks Fund are allocated. They are never spent on capital projects, such as buildings and maintenance, but only for yearly budget items that affect all students equally.
  5. I already pay a lot in tuition fees. Doesn’t this cover the cost of an OCS education?
    Tuition alone has never covered the full cost of an OCS education. From the beginning, all OCS students have been subsidized by the generosity of others. The expenses of operating a high-quality school committed to academic excellence are enormous. Like all private schools, we receive no government assistance. And just like most independent schools, Oaks Christian School sets tuition at about 90% of the actual cost of educating each student, leaving a “gap” that is filled by tax-deductible gifts to The Oaks Fund.
    The qualities we value most about an OCS experience are all costly to provide: a dedicated, well-trained faculty; quality academic standards; a rich mix of OCS experiences; individual attention; appropriate and accessible equipment. Gifts to The Oaks Fund promote accessibility by helping to balance the budget, while enabling OCS to keep tuition at a level that will help us maintain a diverse and talented student population.
  6. Why not operate Oaks Christian School like a business and charge the full cost for the services provided, instead of raising funds each year to make up the “gap”?
    In order to cover all educational costs, Oaks Christian School would have to dramatically increase tuition on an annual basis. This increase would essentially exclude many families and qualified students from the community who help make the school what it is today.
    By their very nature, excellent schools are labor-intensive and people-oriented. A school, whose primary mission is to provide children with a good education, is not easily compared to a business, whose primary mission is to be profitable.
    Like most independent schools and colleges, Oaks Christian School uses a financial model that relies upon tuition revenues plus charitable contributions to The Oaks Fund to help support its annual operating expenses. This model helps moderate tuition levels and allows families to help fund school operations on a tax-advantage basis. In order to maintain our unique and dynamic program for our students, we must do the following: secure a competitive tuition rate, pursue corporate and foundation gifts, and ask YOU for a gift to The Oaks Fund.
  7. It appears that Oaks Christian School has plenty of resources. Will my gift really make a difference?
    YES! Giving to The Oaks Fund provides the greatest flexibility for our school to meet its most pressing financial needs. Your gifts are a significant and vital source of support.
  8. Who supports The Oaks Fund?
    We invite current and past families, grandparents, friends, faculty, staff, alumni, alumni parents, and corporate matching gift companies to make a contribution to The Oaks Fund that is personally meaningful. Oaks Christian School values the inclusive nature of its community and participation in The Oaks Fund is an important priority. Everyone is asked to help with a financial contribution.
  9. Does OCS really need every family to participate?
    YES! Full parent participation is a top priority. Giving at 100% participation shows loyalty and commitment to the high standards of Oaks Christian School. Very often, a key question on foundation grant applications and from major prospective donors is the strength of constituent participation in OCS fundraisers. The support from alumni and current parents is a clear measure of the effectiveness and success of the educational institution’s program. These outside organizations that are interested in supporting Oaks Christian School often base their philanthropic decisions on the strength of consistent support. They want to see that the school believes in itself and its mission, and that its constituents are committed to the school’s long-term well-being.
    After all, if the people who directly benefit from Oaks Christian School are not willing to lend their financial support, why would outsiders want to do so?
    With the increasingly competitive philanthropic market, showing a high percentage of participation in The Oaks Fund is extremely important. For that reason, it is really true that every gift counts. Regardless of size, your contribution to The Oaks Fund makes a powerful statement to foundations and potential donors who look for strong participation from the school community as they make giving decisions.
  10. How much should I give to The Oaks Fund?
    Giving is a personal decision, and we ask each family to give to the best of their ability. No gift is too small, and each one is essential.
    It is about your participation and your voice of support for the quality of education our students receive. The act of giving is important because contributions of all sizes add up to big differences in our students’ lives and the viability of Oaks Christian School.
    The right gift is the gift that makes the school a charitable priority in your life. The only gift that is too small is no gift at all.
  11. I receive financial aid. Does this apply to me?
    YES, absolutely. We ask that every OCS family share the responsibility of The Oaks Fund to the best of their ability, and to give what they can. We strive for 100% participation, regardless of the size of the gift.
    Your participation in The Oaks Fund does not impact the amount of tuition assistance you receive, and it will continue to be offered to families of qualified need. Yet, we hope each family, whether receiving tuition assistance or not, will consider a commitment to the “best of their means.”
  12. When should I make my gift? Does it matter to the school when I make my gift?
    Gifts can be made any day of the year–and thanks to online giving, any time of the day or night. The school’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30, and the Advancement Department uses this when determining how giving is allocated in a particular year. For example, if you would like your gift to be allocated for the 2016-2017 school year, your gift would need to be received by June 30, 2017.
    A gift or pledge made early in the school year is a great advantage to the school because it enables us to know how much money will be available to support the budget.
  13. Will my gift count towards my student's class participation?
    YES! There is a place on The Oaks Fund giving envelope, as well as a place when you give online, that allows you to specify your student’s grade. If you have multiple students, your gift is credited equally between the grades you specify. We use this information to track grade-level participation rates, as well as to provide student incentives for grades with the highest participation rates.
  14. Will there be other fundraisers this year, and how does this relate to other fundraising activities at the school?
    The Oaks Fund campaign is one of OCS’s key fundraising efforts–and the fundraiser that we ask every family to support. We will not ask you or your child to sell cookie dough, gift wrap, magazines, or any other products. Gifts made to The Oaks Fund touch every student and will go directly to our most vital programs.
    In addition to The Oaks Fund, we also host a Golf and Tennis Tournament each fall, and a Gala Dinner and Auction in the spring. Both events offer donors an additional opportunity to give generously to our school.
  15. How do I make my contribution?
    All OCS families will receive a packet in the mail at the beginning of the campaign. A remittance envelope will be provided for you to deliver your gift to the school. We offer three options: a one-time gift, a Monthly Giving program, and a Pledge Now, Give Later program. When you make a donation to OCS, we will send you a letter of appreciation that will serve as your receipt.
    You can also make your gift by Donating Online or calling the Advancement Department at 818.575.9262
  16. Do I have to pay for my gift all at one time?
    Donors have the option to make recurring payments in regular installments. Please contact our Advancement Department to discuss your options.
  17. What is the difference between The Oaks Fund and Capital Campaign?
    The Oaks Fund helps finance programs in the yearly operating budget that enhance your child’s education. Capital campaigns raise money to build and to maintain the school and facilities for current and future students.
  18. What is a matching gift?
    Matching gifts are often available through an employer’s Matching Gift program. Please take the time to ask your Human Resources office if your employer has one. To find out if your employer participates, logon to Matching Gift website.
  19. How are donors acknowledged?
    All donors will receive a letter of appreciation that serves as a receipt. The names of all donors will be listed in various OCS publications unless you notify us that you wish to remain anonymous. We will not publish specific donation amounts, only donor’s names.
  20. Is my gift tax deductible?
    Yes, in most cases your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We recommend you consult with your tax professional for more details on your specific case. For your records, our tax ID # is 95-465912.
For more information, please contact Associate Head of School for Advancement Jason McMaster at 818.575.9204 or