Thank you for being a difference maker in the lives of OCS young men and women!

1,330 students were impacted by your incredible generosity in 2016-17!

Click on any of the icons to the right to see the impact your generosity has made in each of these areas in this past year.

Thank you to all our incredible supporters - parents, faculty, staff, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, community partners, foundations and corporations - for your invaluable contributions to our current and future OCS students! Your gifts make you difference makers in the lives of our students, and allow us to pursue our short-term and long-term projects and initiatives, and continue to make Oaks Christian the standard-bearer in Christian education.

We acknowledge each of our donors who have supported the OCS Endowment Fund, The Oaks Fund, the OCS Financial Aid Program, and restricted gifts. We have made every effort to acknowledge all our donors for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Heritage Society ($50,000 plus)

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mona Atsinger
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Anders and Mrs. Julie Hainer
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Hiepler
Mr. William and Mrs. Lisa Hopkins
Mr. Steve and Mrs. So Hyun Lee
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Lorrie Leko
Mr. Heping Liu and Mrs. Yonghong Zhou
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Marianne Mosko
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Debbie Panzer
Mr. David and Mrs. Helen Price
Mr. Bob Van Breda
and Mrs. Dallas Price-Van Breda
Schwab Charitable
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Julie Talbert
Ms. Mo Wang
Mr. William and Mrs. Danielle White
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Dian Zeile

Grand Oaks Society ($20,000 to $49,999)

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Cari Akerley
Amgen Foundation Matching Gift Program
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Cynthia Berens
Mr. Dean Bornstein
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Cain
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Ms. Siu Mui Chan
Mr. Bret and Mrs. Yecenia Curtis
Mr. Carl Daikeler
Mr. William and Mrs. Beverly Dallas
Mr. John and Mrs. Nina Davies
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Susan Frautschi
Ms. Valerie Hartford
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Denise Hayman
Mr. Chet and Mrs. Cindy Huffman
Mr. Berj and Mrs. Loni Kacherian
LDL General Contractors, Inc.
Santa Barbara Foundation
Mr. John and Mrs. Sherry Light
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Dianne Masry
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Leslie Matthews
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Julie Oppenheimer
Mr. James and Mrs. Diane Pieczynski
Rose Hills Foundation
Mrs. Renee Sams
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Sharon Prudholme
Mr. William and Mrs. Kristyn Slevin
SPECTRA Resources Corp
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Allison Sprague
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Deborah Triplett
Triplett Family Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Oaks Society ($10.000 to $19,999)

American Vision Windows Amgen PAC
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Christina Aye
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Melinda Baur
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Stephanie Bredberg
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Cynthia Brody
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Cindy Campbell
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Michele DiCanio
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Maria DiMaggio
East Bay Community Foundation
Edison International
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Chris Harrison
Hellas Construction
Mr. David Henson and Mrs. Anne Weidenweber
Mr. William and Mrs. Kathleen Herren
Ms. Sheryl Jacobs
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Marjorie Jaffe
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Michelle Keough
Mr. R. S. and Mrs. Stacy Knight
Kokulis Family Charitable Fund

Kokulis Family Charitable Fund
Mr. John and Mrs. Terri Kokulis
Mr. Brad and Dr. Linda Livingstone
Mr. Chap and Mrs. Lori Morris
Dr. Russ and Mrs. Dawn Nelson
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Elizabeth Nyman
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Kathleen Outcalt
Mr. Sangwon Kim and Mrs. Jeong Min Park
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Cammie Pfefferman
Mrs. Janine Smith
Smithers Foundation
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Nikki Smithers
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Kim Spaeth
T. Rowe Price Program For Charitable Giving
Triarc Entertainment
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Heather Waesche
Mr. Gabe and Mrs. Faye Watson
Mrs. Sigrid Weidenweber
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Wiebe
Mr. Pei Ren Yang and Mrs. Min Zhao

Golden Lions Society ($5,000 to $9,999)

Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Cynthia Anderson
APEX General Contractors, Inc.
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Christina Baer
Mr. John Branca
C4 Associates, Inc.
Mr. John and Mrs. Alexa Chappellet-Flagler
Dr. James and Dr. Christine Chung
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Pamela Cole
Mr. Stan Cook
Mr. David and Mrs. Jodi Deluccia
Mr. James and Mrs. Marie Earl
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Danette Faller
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Leah Faulkner
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Blanca Garcia
Mr. James and Mrs. Janice George
Mr. Ahmad and Mrs. Susan Ghaderi
Mr. John and Mrs. Diana Heidelman
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Carol Heimbuch
Keyes European
Mr. Richard Landry
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Brooke Leal
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Lina Lippiatt
Mr. Steve Lopez and Mrs. Gina Portoghesi

Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Michelle Menzel
Mr. Bret and Mrs. Kristi Michaels
Mr. William and Mrs. Anja Morton
O'Gara Coach - Westlake
Payden & Rygel
Pepperdine University
Public Property Financing Corporation of California
Mr. William and Mrs. Sandy Puchlevic
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Andrea Rogers
Salem Communications Corp.
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Joanna Santor
Mr. Simon and Mrs. Carol Sarriedine
Mr. Jeremy Sobel and Mrs. Ann Oleksyk-Sobel
Mr. John and Mrs. Laura Spach
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Laurie Stark
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Cheryl Stevens
Mr. Kris Thabit
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Buffy Thom
Mr. David and Mrs. Kari Waldock
Mr. Denny and Mrs. Allyson Weinberg
Mr. John and Dr. Hyonelle Youngson

Silver Lions Society ($2,500 to $4,999)

Mr. Erik and Mrs. Cynthia Alexander
American Airports Corporation
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Traci Amorelli
Mr. David and Mrs. Anna Anawalt
Mr. David and Mrs. Leslie Bachman
Mr. Navy and Mrs. Rachael Banvard
Mr. Sergei and Mrs. Marina Bespalov
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Monica Bjork
Mr. David and Mrs. Lesley Bodwell
Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Joan Burkhardt
Mr. Joseph Cabrera
Mr. Garry and Mrs. Shana Collett
Conejo Hardwoods & Stone
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Joyce Derrickson
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Jenny Geisler
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Shelby Geyer
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Lynne Griess
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Leslie Heimbuch
Mr. John and Mrs. Holly Hines
Ms. Maryann Kelly
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Heidi Koorenny
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Jamie Kuhn

Mr. C. G. and Mrs. Vikki Kum
Mr. Lance Lentz
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Sarah Lindstrom
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Janet Louie
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. June Louks
Malibu Country Mart, LLC
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Karen Manion
Ms. Heather McLeod
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Donna Moulton
Mr. Judd and Mrs. Tara Peters
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sherryl Philen
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Pamela Richardson
Mr. Daniel Rodarte
Mr. David and Mrs. Erika Seyde
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Christianne Strull
Studio G Design Inc.
Mr. John and Mrs. Tiffany Ternan
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Margaret Turlington
Mrs. Peggy VanDeWeghe
Mr. Juan Velasquez
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Stefanie Wennes
Ms. Stephanie Wright
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Zarraonandia

Bronze Lions Society ($1,000 to $2,499)

Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Renee Aguilar
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Jan Allen
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Christi Anderson
Mr. Doug Auzat
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Shannon Bartlett
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Jan Bayman
Mr. John and Mrs. Erin Benson
Ms. Christina Benson
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Margaret Bianco
Mr. Bret and Mrs. Kirstin Biegert
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Sondra Black
Mr. David and Mrs. Lori Brown
Mr. Brice and Mrs. Shelene Bryan
Bryan Brothers Foundation
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Liz Carey
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Debi Cassar
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Catharine Chambers
The Cirelli Family
Mr. Sean Clark
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Jill Clark
The Clorox Company
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Melissa Coale
Ms. Joy Coburn
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathy Cody
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Annalisa Conway
Mr. Luis and Mrs. Susan Cuadrado
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Theresa DeHaas
Ms. Lesley DeHaas
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Ana Della Ripa
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Caroline Dewey
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Natasha Duswalt
Ms. Patti Eisenberg
Mr. Trevor and Mrs. Tamara Fase
Mr. Paul Ferrone
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lisa Fletcher

Mr. Hao Zhao and Mrs. Jing Gao
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kimberly Gebbia
Mr. Gerald Greengard and
Mrs. Elizabeth Morrin
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Yvonne Groen
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jill Groff
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Debra Hair
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Melissa Heath
Mr. Ahmad and Mrs. Pegah Heydar
Home Team Marketing
Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management, LLC
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carmelita Hughes
Mr. Ed and Mrs. Lyn Klodt
Ms. Shannon Knupp
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Jennifer Koch
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Katherine L'Amour
Ms. Amy Lear Long
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Tricia Lenthall
Mr. Yong Xiao and Mrs. Rong Fang Li
Mr. Wenhui Lin
Mr. Vegard and Mrs. Rachel Lindas
Mr. Johan and Mrs. Karin Linden
Mr. Charles Lund
Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Jana Macaya
Mr. Mike and Dr. Mahsa Mauriello
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Laura McCormick
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Tara McCreery
Mr. Eoin and Mrs. Iuliana McDonnell
Mr. Scott Messick and Mrs. Carey Hern
Mr. James and Mrs. Donna Mills
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Lisa Mindel
Ms. Jeannine Mortimer
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Cynthia Nader
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Abbie Nelson
Mr. Xiao Ni
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Linda Palace

Dr. Ronald Phillips
Mr. David and Mrs. Tracey Price
R. V. Thomas Family Fund
Dr. John Regan
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Terry Roberts
Mr. Lyndon and Mrs. Monica Golin
Mr. Michael Sadowski and Mrs. Joan Eggert
Mr. Nate Sand
Mr. Kai and Mrs. Birgit Schaeffner
Ms. Sandy Sewell
Mr. Hongbin Wang and Mrs. Wei Shen
Mr. Jeffrey Smith
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Anna Smith
Sports Academy
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Monette Stevens
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Holly Strother
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Nancy Thompson
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Holly Tisherman
Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Jane Turner
USA Triathalon of Colorado
Mr. Lou and Mrs. Tina Valdez
Vibranalysis, Inc.
Mr. Barry and Ms. Andrea Volpe
Mr. Michael and Dr. Juanie Walker
Mr. Calvin and Dr. Isabel Ward
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Debra Warwick
Mr. Peter and Ms. Janine Weinbach
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Deena Woertz
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Anna Woodward
Mr. Li Ming Wu and Mrs. Li Li
Mr. Yew Hsiung Wu and Mrs. Yumin Lin
Mr. Kevin Yick and Mrs. Shirley Wen
Mr. Shao Zheng Zhang and
Mrs. Jinghua Wang
Mr. Feng Gu and Mrs. Xiao Fang Zhu

Lions Society (Gifts up to $999)

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Laura Ackerman
Mr. Peter Ackermann
Mr. Shon and Mrs. Lisa Adkins
Mr. Ben and Virginia Adriano
Ms. Bailee Ahern
Mr. Mohammad and Mrs. Irene Ahmadi
Mr. Ramiro and Mrs. Deana Albarran
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Crystal Alexander
Mr. Miguel and Mrs. Rosalind Allen-Enciso
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Pamela Allison
Dr. Jim and Mrs. Mary Kay Altizer
Mr. Sebastian Alvarado
Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Kimberly Alvarez
Dr. Carlos and Mrs. Bindu Alves
Ms. Tricia Amantia
Ms. Antoinette Amper
Dr. Sean and Dr. Stacey Anderson
Mr. Wade Anderson
Ms. Jennifer Anderson
Anderson Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. Rich Andres
Mr. Chris Andrews
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Jacquie Angell
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Jaimie Anglin
Anthem Foundation
Mr. Hector and Mrs. Virginia Araiza
Ms. Jeanne Archer
Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Kimberly Ashton
Mr. Alec and Mrs. Jacqueline Avedissian
Dr. Walter and Mrs. Mona Babcock
Mr. Timothy Bagdanov
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Freya Bailey
Mr. Arnulfo and Mrs. Maria Baldoz
Mr. Ryan Balikian
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Renee Ballard
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Michelle Barbour
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Kimberly Barkis
Mr. James and Mrs. Julia Barnett
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Stephanie Bassler
Mr. David and Mrs. Heide Bates
Ms. Cindy Baw
Dr. Jay Bayles
Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Sandy Beck
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kimberly Beetlestone
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Andrea Behm
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Vanessa Bendetti
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Joi Benkert
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Natalie Benton
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Michelle Bergman
Mr. Nicholas Berry and
Mrs. Seon Sook Heo
Bevaris Alliance
Mr. Kailash and Mrs. Dineh Bhuckory
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Anne Bierling
Mr. Pat and Mrs. Heather Bird
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Martha Blackmer
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sharon Blackmon
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Camille Block
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Julie Bodemeijer
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Diane Bodemeijer
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Marla Bolstad
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Kim Boras
Mr. Sieg and Mrs. Edith Borck
Ms. Stacey Borquez
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jesslyn Bothwell
Mr. Nick and Mrs. Yvonne Boyiazis
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Betty Boyiazis
Mr. William and Mrs. Christina Bradford
Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Karen Bradley
Mr. Alex and Mrs. Julia Brankovic
Mr. Beau Brannan
Braxton Engineering
Ms. Valerie Brecker
Mr. Steve Brown
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Brenda Brueckner
Mr. Austin Buccieri
Mr. Dennis Buchmiller
Mr. Daniel Bukowski
Mr. Walter Burch
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jamie Aguilar-Burgos
Mr. Henry Burgos
Dr. John and Mrs. Corinna Burton
Dr. Tim and Mrs. Melanie Buto
Mr. Marlon and Mrs. Andrea Byrd
Mr. Bradrik and Mrs. Teresa Byrne
Ms. Dai Cabaret
Mr. John William Caldwell
Mr. David Calvert
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Judy Caparon
Mr. James and Mrs. Karen Carlisle
Ms. Patricia Carmichael
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Beth Carmichael
Mr. Jay Carmody
Carol Anns Corporation
Mr. William Carter
Ms. Julie Carver
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Maryann Cassidy
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Cynthia Castillo
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Dina Castillo
Ms. Jennifer Cates
Mr. James and Mrs. Katrina Chapman
Mr. Jerry Choate
Mr. Reid and Mrs. Kristin Chobanian
Ms. Nara Choi
Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Connie Choi

(List continues below)

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Liat Ciardi
Ms. Kristine Clark
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Julie Cleeland
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Margi Cleugh
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Jennifer Simpson
Mr. Luis and Mrs. Ana Cuadrado
Dr. Jamie Culhane
Mr. Josh and Mrs. Kristen Cummins
Mr. Jay Russell and
Mrs. Lee Cunningham
Mr. Fredrick Dallmer and
Mrs. Judith Rangel-Dallmer
Mr. Vince and Mrs. Pamela Daly
Mr. Tom Dann
Mr. Bob Dann
Mr. John and Mrs. Cozette Darby
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Kristen Dark
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Leanne Davis
Mrs. Janet Davis
Mr. William and Mrs. Alvianna Davis
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Jennifer Davis
Davis Research LLC
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Deborah DeCarolis
Mr. Daniel Denner
Mr. Brett Dewey and Ms. Esther Calderon
Mr. J. Drew and Mrs. Angela Diamond
Mr. John and Mrs. Catherine Diballa
Ms. Janet Didone
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Difronzo
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Janet Dingman
Mr. Brad and Mrs. Nancy Drummond
Ms. Jenna Duby
Mr. Kris and Mrs. Wendy Dudas
Pastor Gordy and Mrs. Julie Duncan
Earth Scents Natural Cleaning Products
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Sonia Edinger
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Kristin Ehrhardt
Mr. James and Mrs. Celina Elizarraz
Ms. Sara Ell
The Ellis-de Ruyter Family
Ms. Andrea Emslie
Mr. Richard and Dr. Stella Erbes
Mr. Roy and Mrs. Veronica Escosar
Mr. Stu and Mrs. Monika Evans
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Rossella Farnum
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Rhett Farrell
Ms. Estella Farrell
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sandy Feinfield
Mr. James Felton
Ms. Kathy Ferrari
Mr. John Ferrone
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Lorena Figueroa Pinal
Mr. Larry Fisher
Ms. Aubry Fitzgerald
Ms. Kristi Fitzgerald
Mr. Scott Flanagin
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Stephanie Flannery
Mr. Mick Fleetwood
Mr. Leo Fletes
Ford of Ventura
Mr. Daniel Forde
Mr. William and Mrs. Melissa Foster
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kjirsten Fouts
Mr. Farhad and Mrs. Michelle Fozunmayeh
Mr. Matt and Mrs. Bevin Franco
Fredrickson Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Brad and Mrs. Janet Fredrickson
Mr. Garett Freeman
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Tara Freilich
Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Janet Friederichs
Ms. Susan Friedman
Ms. Karen Friedman
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Terynn Friesen
Mr. Alfredo and Mrs. Marylaine Gabertan
Mr. Bob Gagliano
Mr. Manny Gallardo
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Christine Galvin
Ms. Danae Garcia
Ms. Jill Garrett
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Joline Gash
Mr. Mike Gausling
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Jennifer Geller
Ms. Carol George
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Marilyn Gerich
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Kelly Germann
Mr. Blair Gillam
Mr. Cesar Giraldo
Mrs. Christi Goeser
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Gina Goodman
Mr. Frank Goodman and Dr. Helaine Thau
Mrs. Sally Gordin
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sarah Gordin
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Paige Goulart
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Janice Graham
Mrs. Erin Grant
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Doris Graves
Ms. Amy Greason
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Lynette Green
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Katy Greenwood
Rev. Rich and Mrs. Kristin Gregory
Mr. John and Mrs. Blanche Grogan
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Wendy Grogan
Mr. Ben and Mrs. Francis Guerrero
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Guglielmo
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Amy Gulbrandsen

Mr. Randy and Mrs. Tricia Hacker
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Laurie Hagberg
Mrs. Staci Hahn
Ms. Amy Hahn
Mrs. Susan Hampton
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Linnea Hance
Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Tiffany Hanken
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Sharon Hanley
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rosiley Hannagan
Ms. Tamera Harmon
Mr. John and Mrs. Alison Harris
Mr. Nick and Mrs. Jane Harris
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Sheila Harris
Mrs. Amy Harriton
Mr. Edik and Mrs. Lennea Hartoonian
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Sharon Hasegawa
Mr. Troy Hassett
Mrs. Nissa Hatfield
Mr. Jack Heath
Ms. Gina Hecht
Mr. F. Samuel and Dr. Bertha Heredia
Mr. Doug Herman
Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Sue Hernandez
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Patricia Hess
Mr. Jan Hethcock
Mr. Tony High
Ms. Julie Hill
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Jaqueline Hill
Mr. Jan Hilton
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Jennifer Hixson
Mr. Richard Hoefke
Mrs. Elisabeth Hoekendorf
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Suzana Holden
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sue Holtsnider
Mrs. Kristy Hopkins
Mr. James and Mrs. Ramona Howard
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Danielle Howard
Ms. Jani Huemme
Ms. Gwen Huenergardt
Mr. John and Mrs. Tracy Huffman
Ms. Andrea Humphreys
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Danielle Howard
Ms. Jani Huemme
Ms. Gwen Huenergardt
Mr. John and Mrs. Tracy Huffman
Ms. Andrea Humphreys
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Danielle Howard
Ms. Jani Huemme
Ms. Gwen Huenergardt
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Theresa Jepsen
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Jessica Jimenez
Ms. Angela Johnson-Napu
Mr. Fleming and Mrs. Bonnie Jones
The Josue Family
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Tricia Kelly
Ms. Kimberly Kelly
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Kim Kempf
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Judy Kerner
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Debra Ketring
Mr. Nkosilathi and Mrs. Hugette Khumalo
Ms. Danielle Kilkelly
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Ashley Kilpatrick
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Ana Maria Kilpatrick
Mr. Joon Kim and Mrs. Yoo Yi
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Sandra King
Ms. Melinda Kirksey
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Wendi Klaiber
Ms. Wendy Knapp
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Carrie Knight
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sandra Knox
Mr. Jack Kocur
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Ginger Kohler
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Kristi Koplan
Mr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Nicole Korn
Mr. Jeffrey Koval
Mr. Daniel Kratovil and Mrs. Linda Gothar
Mr. Taras and Mrs. Tamara Kravec
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Amy Krueger
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Cynthia Krystyniak
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Diane Kusnierek
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Christina La Forgia
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Karen La Rue
Mr. James and Mrs. Amy LaBrie
Mr. Dennis Laine
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Teri Lamb
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Tracy Landis
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sharee Landon
Mr. Jared Langness
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Latham
Mrs. Rosario Lawrence
Dr. James and Mrs. Brandy Lazar
Mrs. Charlene Lee
Mr. Derrek and Mrs. Christina Lee
Ms. Luann Lee
Mr. James and Mrs. Laura Leff
Mr. Matthew Leo
Mr. George and Mrs. Doris Leuning
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Karen Levine
Mr. Wade and Mrs. Lorelei Lewis
Ms. Lillian Liao
Mr. John and Mrs. Rebecca Lindeman
Mr. Karl Lindenlaub and
Mrs. Lisa Fischinger
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Brittany Lindsey

(List continues below)

Mr. Lee and Mrs. Robin Lipscomb
Ms. Trina Lite
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Lo Presti
Mr. John and Mrs. Cyndy Locke
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Christine Lockrey
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Amy Lodge
Mr. Frank and Dr. Enyetta Long
Mrs. Karen Long
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Wanda Long
Mr. Shane Loomis
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Janet Louie
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Luann Lowe
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Aleta Loweree
Dr. Edgar and Mrs. Stacie Lueg
Ms. Maria Lupu
Mr. Warren Lutey
Ms. Tina Lydick
Dr. Holden and Dr. Priscilla MacRae
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Theresa Madrigal
Mr. Oscar Madrigal
Mr. Bruce Nelson and
Mrs. Marrianne Magnuson
Mr. Mitchel and Mrs. Stephanie Maio
Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Sharon Marcarelli
The Marcketta Family
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Laura Marland
Mr. Bill Martin
Mr. Isaac and Mrs. Katherine Martin
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Rebeca Martin
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan Martinez
Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Alexandra Marusich
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Angele Masino
Mr. Conor Mason
Mr. Verne and Mrs. Laura Mason
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Stacy Massell
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Regina Matthews
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Leslie Maunu
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Laurie Mauro
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Dee Dee Mayer
Mr. John and Mrs. Katie McBride
Ms. Maureen McConnell
Mr. Michael McDowell
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Mary Lou McFaden
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sally McGushion
Ms. Joy McMahan
Dr. Jason and Mrs. Jenny McMaster
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Cristy McNay
Mr. Oscar and Mrs. Trudi Medrano
Ms. Gerri Meinert
Mr. Tim Meinert
Mr. Dick and Mrs. Maureen Mellitt
Mr. Austin Menzel
Mr. Lynne Merrill
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Carolyn Messner
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Anna Maria Meyer
Microsoft Corporation
Ms. Kathleen Miele
Ms. Sherrie Mitchell
Mr. Uwe Lieckfeldt and
Dr. Regina Mitterberger
Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Joni Miyashiro
Mr. Evan Miyashiro
Ms. Miri Mizrahi
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Anna Mok
Mr. Jade and Mrs. Stephanie Molina
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery
Moon Valley Nursery of California
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Wendy Moore
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Kate Moore
Mr. David and Mrs. Diana Moore
Mr. Aurelio and Mrs. Jacquelyn Morales
Ms. Rachel Morales
Ms. Pam Moran
Morgan Stanley
Mrs. Nadine Morrow
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Tara Morrow
Mr. Christopher Moya
The Moye Family
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Terri Mullen
Mr. Bud and Mrs. Sheryl Murdock
Mr. Bill Myers
Mr. Hessamedin and Mrs. Hope Nadji
Mr. Sean and Mrs. Aida Naftel
Mr. Luke Napolitano
Mr. Max Napolitano
Ms. Grace Napolitano
Ms. Chris Napolitano
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Kathy Nash
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Laura Nash
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura Nation
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Laurie Nave
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Marrianne Nelson
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kathy Nelson
Mr. Mateo Neri and Mrs. Valencia Smith
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Donna Newman
Mrs. Rebekah Nibecker
Mr. Lance and Mrs. Lynne Nielsen
Nuveen Investments
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Nicole Oakes
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Gina Oddi
Ms. Amy O'Friel
Ms. Gina O'Neill
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Susan Orloff
Mr. Luis and Mrs. Suzanne Ortega
Mr. George and Mrs. Julie O'Sullivan

Mr. Matt and Mrs. Pam Otto
Mr. Bert and Mrs. Ann Overholt
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Roxanne Packham
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Jennifer Paperny
Mr. Christopher
and Mrs. Theresa Parkening
Mr. Darrell Parker
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kimberlee Parkinson
Ms. Ginger Paschal
Mr. Gary Pate
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Karen Pavone
Ms. Kate Pellettiere
Ms. Cynthia Perry
Mr. Joe Pestano
Ms. Marlene Peters
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Cindy Peters
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Robyn Peterson
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Peggy Petrie
Mr. Phil and Mrs. Heather Phillips
Mr. David and Mrs. Lynn Phillips
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Christine Picker
Mr. Brian Pinkett
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Angelique Pitney
The Placement Professionals
Mr. Tom Placke
Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Kerri Pollard
Mr. Curt and Mrs. Leanne Portzel
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Marcia Price
Dr. David and Mrs. Verna Pryor
Mr. John and Mrs. Julie Pugh
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth Pugh
Q Sushi
Mr. Shane and Mrs. Georgiann Quartararo
Quillin Construction, Inc.
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Lynn Quillin
Rage Group, Inc.
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Michelle Ramsey
Mr. Genghui Rao and Mrs. Jing Li
Mr. Braden Ray
Mr. Steve Ray
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Vonny Reagan
Mr. Steve Reardon
Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Carolyn Rector
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Jeanine Redell
Ms. Deena Regan
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Sunnie Regier
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Rona Reithmayr
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Kim Renard
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Karen Renner
Mr. Joseph Renzacci
and Ms. Monique Giuffre
Mr. Nathan Revivo and Mrs. Elle Fine
Mr. William and Mrs. Lisa Rhode
Mr. William and Mrs. Louise Rice
Ms. Carol Rich
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Liberty Richardson
Mr. Kevin Richardson
Ms. Emily Richardson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Tiffany Riggle
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Pamela Roanhaus
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Rachel Roberg
Mr. James Roberts
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Eileen Robinett
Mr. James and Mrs. Sandra Rogers
Mr. David and Mrs. Tracy Rolston
Dr. Sherwin and Mrs. Sherry Root
Ms. Alinaya Rose
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Patricia Rosegrant
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Tina Rosen
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Cathy Rosenberg
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Shirley Roush
Rovers Soccer Organization, Inc.
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Karee Rowen
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Kimberly Rozanski
Mrs. Rosie Rubio Konkel
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Julie Rubio-Shamblin
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Irene Rudnicki
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Maria Safady
Dr. Robin Sakakini
Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Andrea Salazar
Mr. Anthony Salcido
Dr. James and Dr. Dianne Sandberg
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Marcia Sands
Ms. Jennifer Sands
Ms. Joan Sauer
Mr. Ray Savala
Ms. Elisabeth Scahill
Mr. David and Mrs. Jacquelyn Schack
Mr. Robby Schaffer
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Suzanne Schaub
Ms. Marnie Schneider
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Stacy Schneider
Mrs. Blanca Schnobrich
Dr. Brianna Schoen
Mr. Daniel and Dr. Robin Scholefield
Dr. Terry and Dr. Lori Schroeder
Mr. Tom Schultz
Mr. Scott Schulze
and Mrs. Madalyn Johnson
Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Bonnie Schulze
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carole Scuderi
Mr. Geoffrey Sebold
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Teri Selmser
Mr. David and Mrs. Genoveve Serge
Mr. Andre and Mrs. Julie Sharou

(List continues below)

Sherwood Country Club
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jill Shinnick
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan Shore
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Staci Shumway
Ms. Laura Siderman
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Martha Sieverts
Mr. Jeremy Sieverts
Mr. Ioane and Mrs. Ruth Silofau
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Gina Simonsgaard
Mr. Nick and Mrs. Chelsea Slavich
Dr. Eric and Mrs. Julie Sletten
Mrs. Patricia Smart
The Smart Group
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Canace Smith
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Carol Smith
Ms. Gwen Smith
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jen Smith
Mr. Byron and Mrs. Lisa Snider
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Shelly Snyder
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Pat Somerville
Ms. Jennifer Soukup
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Kathryn Speer
Ms. Martha Spencer
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Christy Stanich
Ms. Anne Star
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Janet Stark
Dr. Randall and Mrs. Susanne Steiner
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Terrie Stewart
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Lisa Stonich
Mr. David and Mrs. Elaine Stowell
Ms. Bernadette Straatsma
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Kimberly Sullivan
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Liesl Sullivan
Mr. Andrew Swinburne
Mr. Leon Symanski
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sandie Szczepaniak
Ms. Malia Szyman
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Catherine Szyman
Ms. Angela Tafoya
Mr. Michael Taggart
Taylor Science Foundation
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia Taylor
Dr. Greg and Mrs. Tomi Tchejeyan
Ms. Trisha Telford
Mr. Eriks and Mrs. Dziesma Teteris
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Diana Thom
Mr. Dan Thompson
Mr. William and Mrs. Lorraine Thompson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Tina Thomson
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Julie Thurman
Mr. Nick Tomasulo
Mr. Andy and Mrs. Heather Trilling
Mr. Stuart Tross and Mrs. Linda Kneidinger
Mr. John and Mrs. Jennifer Tunney
Mr. Louie and Mrs. Michele Ucciferri
Ms. Sigi Ulbrich
Mr. Roberto and Mrs. Jane Vaccaro
Mr. Julio and Mrs. Violeta Valladares
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Evelyn Valtier
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Kellie Van Atta
Ventura Orthopedics
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Amini Venugopal
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Molly Verburg
Mr. Dimple and Mrs. Janice Verma
Mr. Mikael and Mrs. Brenda Via
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Laura Voorheis
Vulcan Materials Company
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Anna Wadman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judy Wallace
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Nicolle Warner
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Naomi Watanabe
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Elisa Watkins
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cameron Weaver
Mr. Ned Webster
Ms. Corrine Weiner
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Ms. Rachel Werner
Wescom Credit Union
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Meri West
Western Asset
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Ellen Whiddon
Ms. Kathleen Whipp
Mr. Frederick and Ms. Wendy Kershaw
Mr. Tom Whitesell
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Chanel Wientjes
Mr. Christopher Wight
Mr. Allen Williams
Mr. Cary and Mrs. Lisa Williams
Mr. Stuart Wilson
Mr. Weldon and Mrs. Carole Wilson
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Roxana Wolfe
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Maria José Wolfert
Mr. David and Mrs. Lori Worley
Mr. Tom Yaeger
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Kimberly Zgorzelski
Mr. David Zibalese
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Laura Zilli
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Julie Zirretta
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Jennifer Ziska
Mr. Jeffrey Zumbo