OCS Foundation Society Embodies Philanthropy

From its beginning, Oaks Christian School has been the recipient of the incredible generosity of donors who have made cumulative gifts of $250,000 or more to the OCS Foundation Society.

This sacrificial giving embodies the spirit of philanthropy, and sends a positive message to our greater OCS community about the enduring and transforming effects such gifts can make in the lives of our young men and women.

These valuable partners have demonstrated their belief and commitment to the mission and vision of Oaks Christian School. Oaks Christian School continues to be one of the most highly regarded Christian independent schools in the nation in part due to the many donors and supporters such as these. Oaks Christian School is deeply grateful to these families and corporations who are leading by example.

Foundation Society Partners

Amgen Foundation Matching Gift Program
Amgen Inc.
Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Kimberly Ashton
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mona Atsinger
Mr. John and Mrs. Judith Bedrosian
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Anne Block
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Pamela Blosser
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Carol Collins
Countrywide Corporate Giving MS
Mr. William and Mrs. Beverly Dallas
Linden Root Dickinson Foundation
Mr. Farshad and Mrs. Kim Fardad
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Tiffani Fardad
Mr. Raja and Mrs. Celeste Gosnell
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Tammy Gustavson
Mr. Anders and Mrs. Julie Hainer
Mr. Klaus and Mrs. Jami Heidegger
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Hiepler
Mr. William and Mrs. Lisa Hopkins
Mr. Chet and Mrs. Cindy Huffman
The B. Wayne Hughes J. Family
Mr. B. Wayne Hughes Sr.

Mr. Roger Jenkins
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Leslie Matthews
The McKittrick Family
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Marianne Mosko
Dr. Russ and Mrs. Dawn Nelson
Mr. David and Mrs. Helen Price
Price Family Foundation
Mr. Bob Van Breda and Mrs. Dallas Price-Van Breda
Mr. William and Mrs. Sandy Puchlevic
Rose Hills Foundation
Ms. Jennifer Sandefur
Mrs. Janine Smith
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Jana Sommers
Mr. Eduardo and Mrs. Maria Sotelo
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Julie Talbert
Mr. David and Mrs. Tracy Thorson
Mr. Denny and Mrs. Allyson Weinberg
Mr. William and Mrs. Danielle White
Mrs. Jialing Yang
Mr. Zaya and Mrs. Sherry Younan
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Dian Zeile