From its beginning, Oaks Christian School founders David Price and Dallas Price-Van Breda had a vision to create a Christian, college-preparatory school where students would thrive. Since then, generous benefactors have supported this endeavor to INSPIRE, IMPACT and INVEST. Today, visionary partners further the OCS mission as they support operational and capital funding, while planning for the future through the Oaks Christian School Endowment. The Vision Campaign helps to diversify the school's revenue and increase long-term funding opportunities through venues other than annual giving and yearly fundraisers. The following are just a few of the initiatives and programs that the Vision Campaign supported in the 2016-17.

Middle School Library Renovation (Phase I)
Sound System in Crockett Family Atrium and HS Quad

Curriculum Design and Resources

  • Entrepreneurship, Film and Animation
  • Engineering and Multi-variable Calculus
  • History

Classroom Enhancements

  • New middle school and high school Makerspace labs
  • New high school entrepreneurship classroom
  • 100 Mac computers for film, animation, graphic design and photography
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Harkness tables for high school English and history classrooms

Legacy Society ($1,000,000 plus)

Mr. William and Mrs. Beverly Dallas

Mr. David and Mrs. Helen Price

Mr. Bob Van Breda and
Mrs. Dallas Price - Van Breda

Heritage Circle ($500,000 to $999,999)

Mr. William and Mrs. Lisa Hopkins

Mr. Denny and Mrs. Allyson Weinberg

Visionaries ($250,000 to $499,999)

Mr. Steve and Mrs. So Hyun Lee

Mr. Martin and Mrs. Lorrie Leko

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Marianne Mosko

Benefactors ($100,000 to $249,999)

Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Kimberly Ashton
Mr. John and Mrs. Judith Bedrosian
Ms. Siu Mui Chan
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Annalisa Conway
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Leah Faulkner
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Denise Hayman
Mr. John and Mrs. Terri Kokulis
Ms. Lin Luo
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Leslie Matthews

Dr. Russ and Mrs. Dawn Nelson
Mr. James and Mrs. Diane Pieczynski
Mr. Steve Lopez and Mrs. Gina Portoghesi
Mr. William and Mrs. Sandy Puchlevic
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Cheryl Redell
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Sharon Prudholme
Mrs. Janine Smith
Mr. William and Mrs. Danielle White
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Norine Woodcock

Investors ($25,000 to $99,999)

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Christina Aye
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Cynthia Berens
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Cain
Mr. Afram and Dr. Laila Chamoun
Mr. Carl Daikeler
Mr. David and Mrs. Anne Henson
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Lise Shdo-Knudsen
Mr. Brad and Dr. Linda Livingstone
Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Joni Miyashiro

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Elizabeth Nyman
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sally Oberhaus
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Julie Oppenheimer
Mr. William and Mrs. Kristyn Slevin
Mr. Kris Thabit
Mr. Lou and Mrs. Tina Valdez
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Wiebe
Mr. Chaoyi Zeng and Mrs. Li Ya Zhou

Guardians ($1,000 to $24,999)

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Renee Aguilar
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Mona Atsinger
Mr. David and Mrs. Leslie Bachman
Mr. Rob and Mrs. Sondra Black
Mr. Mike and Mrs. Liz Carey
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Pam Colbert

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Hiepler
Mr. Xiao Ni
Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Carolyn Rector
Smithers Foundation
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Catherine Szyman