School Closed Until Wednesday, Nov. 14

Given the wind and fire conditions, it appears that the crisis of the past few days may continue. In addition, Westlake Village continues to be under a state of declared mandatory evacuation. Depending on the change in the conditions and circumstances, as of this moment, we are hoping and planning for a return to school on Wednesday, Nov. 14, subject to receiving an "All Clear" from the civil authorities. That said, we have made some decisions that we can share at this time.

Dress Code When School Resumes
When school does resume (assuming this week), we will institute a "Free Dress" policy meaning that students, faculty and staff may wear appropriate, non-uniform attire to campus for the remainder of this week. We recognize that families have suffered disruptions and losses and so we will take this time to slowly return to a sense of normalcy and routine. We will also open up Malachi's Closet for free uniform replacement for those families who need this service.

Counseling and Support
We are taking steps to provide students with necessary counseling and support services as we recognize that many have suffered significant losses given the events that happened in Thousand Oaks during the past few days. Please know that we will do everything that we possibly can to support those who are in need of care during these difficult times.

Homework, Test, Textbooks
Students need not worry about missed homework, tests, lost textbooks or materials. The faculty, staff and leadership of the school will work to see that our community is able to rebuild our thriving learning environment that meets the needs of each individual student. For the immediate future, we are focusing on serving and ministering to the needs and comforts of students and their families.

Air Quality
We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that air quality within our facilities is safe for faculty, staff and students.

Future Updates
The school administration continues to meet and monitor the situation closely. Updates will be provided as new information becomes available. Please check your emails, the school website, social media and text messages for any new communication.

Email For Those in Need
If your family has sustained a traumatic loss, is experiencing an extended evacuation, or has other needs, please contact the school through email at This site will be monitored by the OCS Spiritual Life Department who will work to address specific needs and respond to questions. We are overwhelmed and filled with gratitude by the generosity of this Oaks Christian Community.