Power Pop Team Takes The Lions Share

The innovators of OCS student startup “Power Pop” proved they had the chops to walk away with the lions share at the OCS Entrepreneur Program's final competition, “The Lions Share,” the showcase of the yearlong program where students learn what it takes to launch a startup and how to successfully pitch their ideas.

The team of Brooke Bryan, Taylor Burns, Catie Michael and Cassidy Palka won the $1,000 grand prize. They successfully presented and defended their product, a stylish backpack with a built-in battery charger to solve the problem of students running out of power for their cell phones or laptops while on the go.

"Our group was so honored and excited when our name was called. We were so grateful for this class and for all the mentors who helped us in this process. We are planning to put the prize money back into the business for research and development of the product," said Bryan.

Each team had eight minutes to make their investor pitch to a panel of seasoned business professionals and entrepreneurs and then face tough questions about target markets, competitive advantage, business plans, market share, and revenue streams from the judges. They were evaluated on innovation, feasibility of idea, understanding of problem, and market and presentation skills.

The Lions Share in May was the culmination of the yearlong entrepreneur course where students learn by doing as they are given real life problems from real entrepreneurs. Students were immersed in the Lean Startup methodology and Design Thinking techniques. They worked with carefully selected local entrepreneurs, who presented real and urgent business problems with hard deliverables and deadlines.

Earlier, students partnered with California Lutheran University's New Venture Competition as a preliminary pitch prior to The Lions Share final competition.

Some of the local businesses who partnered with the program included The Black Tux, Contract Cloud, Stonefire Grill, Greatway Roofing, Rootementary and California Lutheran University. By the end of the year, students used everything they had learned about entrepreneurship and group work to launch their own startups and vie for the top prize at The Lions Share.

OCS 2016 Entrepreneur Teams

Copy That (Runner Up)
—synonym translator
Jace Diehl, Sabrina Socquet, Zach Spurling

Plantry (Third Place)—app to plan your grocery shopping and inventory
Asher Baer, Joel Fischinger, Chance Smith

Odyssey (Fourth Place)—website connecting students to finding the perfect college
Noah Kim, Ryan Klevens, David Zou

S-Cool Supplied (Fifth Place)—pre-packed binders that save time and money for busy students
Grayson Cook, Tyler Fardad, Bradley Schatz, Jake Schwartz

Flugame- a supplement to help athletes feel better quickly to get back into the action
David Caparon, Paul Hiepler, Alex Jang, Harrison Zilli

Beauty Guard—ear protector from hot hair straighteners
Gianna Losi, Katie Santino, David Serge, Mia Swindal

Knitt—app that allows quicker connections on social media
Aubrey Flagler, Annalia Gutierrez, Clayton Hill, Savanna Sterling

Bite—app to help plan your date night in Los Angeles
Erik Hainer, Krisy Walker

Ghost Change—app used to save up for big purchases
Nikolai Arrasmith, Ethan Dark, Tyler Duswalt, Jacob Rodriguez

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