Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the OC Learning Center!

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to welcome you to the Oaks Christian Learning Center. Located on the Oaks Christian School campus, the OC Learning Center provides a variety of resources to ensure learning is productive on both a personal and academic level. Over 800 students, grades K–12, enhance the diversity of our community and we welcome your important contributions.

The Oaks Christian Learning Center team is committed to facilitating and enhancing the learning experience through personalized tutoring, mentoring and other learning resources including SAT/ACT test preparation, Neurofeedback training and educational testing and consulting. Our flagship program, Academic Training, goes beyond subject specific tutoring by looking at the student holistically; Academic Trainers serve as mentors, academic coaches and facilitators of information. Students are empowered to become self-reliant, life-long learners. Personalized one-on-one tutoring is offered in all core subject areas, including honors and AP level classes. We have served hundreds of students as they prepare for their SAT/ACT exams, many of them surpassing their score goals and attending elite colleges and universities around the country. Located inside the OC Learning Center, Oaks Christian School is the first high school in the nation to have an on-site Neurofeedback training center. Additionally, we have a licensed Educational Psychologist on staff for all of your educational testing and consulting needs.

It is our goal that you may enjoy every opportunity available to you through the Oaks Christian Learning Center. We encourage you to learn more about the various programs and opportunities offered through the OC Learning Center and look forward to serving you.

Kelly L. Johnson, Ed.D
Director of the OC Learning Center

Dr. Kelly Johnson
Director of the OC Learning Center

OC Learning Center
Westlake Village, CA

Please contact us at
818.824.9449 or learning@oakschristian.org
for more information.