Brain Performance Center

Oaks Christian School is the first high school in the nation to offer a performance-based, brain-training center on campus with technology that has previously only been available at top universities. This technology can physically improve networks in the brain that are involved in:


  • Chronic Pain

  • Memory

  • Processing Issues
  • Anxiety

  • Focus/Attention

  • Migraine
  • Sleep Quality
  • Brain Injury

  • Impulse Control

  • Organization
  • Stress

How Does Neurofeedback Training Work?

With advances in neuroimaging (quantitative EEG), it is now possible to objectively measure and assess your brain’s electrical activity and neuronal function. Your brain uses electricity to control your focus, your problem solving, your memory, and your ability to “shut down” and get quality sleep. In the same way that you regularly measure your cardiovascular health, you can now measure your brain health.

What is a Typical Session Like?

Neurofeedback training is an effective way to isolate and strengthen a very specific location of your brain. The technology uses EEG sensors on the scalp to detect only the brainwave patterns directly under the sensor. When the sensor identifies electrical patterns associated with optimal functioning, video game technology is used to provide go/no-go feedback. The game will only advance when you optimally activate the brain region directly under the EEG sensor.

The video game feedback works through operant conditioning and provides positive feedback each time your brain optimally functions. Your brain is trained through practice and repetition.

After completing approximately 20 training sessions at 30 to 45 minutes each, your brain should have a new, lasting capacity to function optimally.

Which conditions can be treated with Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback therapy treats a variety of diverse conditions, including, but not limited to:

Cognitive problems
Impulse Control
Post-traumatic stress disorder

Train your brain, change your life.

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