Educational Testing

Finding help when your student is struggling can be overwhelming. The OC Learning Center is dedicated to partnering with you to begin addressing your concerns. We offer a safe and nurturing environment in which students are an integral part of the assessment process. The goal is to help everyone realize a student’s potential by better understanding their needs.

Does Your Student Struggle in School?

  • Do you believe your student needs extra support or accommodations in the classroom?
  • Are you concerned your student may need accommodations for high stakes testing such as the SAT/ACT, entrance tests, or AP exams?
  • Do you need an updated assessment for your student?

Our licensed experts use personalized, cutting-edge assessments to identify your student’s unique needs. Employing a holistic approach, examinations are designed to increase student engagement in order to obtain the most accurate results.

Often, a student
who doesn't
seem to care is actually frustrated.

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