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The Institute of Arts and Innovation

There has never been a better time to be an artist. The arts have always influenced and inspired, and the IAI empowers students to use their creative expression to be positive culture changers in today's world. 

The IAI focuses on specialized pathways and the relationship between the arts and the entertainment industry. Immersive four-year courses challenge students and connect them to real-world opportunities and industry leaders. Business and entrepreneurship classes help students develop their marketing presence and brand.

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Inspiring Ethical Artists ● Creating Impact Through Art


Traditional visual and performing arts core classes are paired with leading-edge and innovative arts classes, along with opportunities such as master classes, guest speakers, internships, and mentorships in the student’s chosen pathway. Students are also taught by professionals in the industry.


Creativity Without Limits

Vocal Performance
Students receive instruction in pop and contemporary music, ensemble and solo experiences in a capella music, performance coaching, stage movement, microphone and recording techniques, music theory, piano, and studio experience. Additionally, they are introduce to Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) including Soundtrap and Logic Pro X. 
Students participate in real world projects while learning how to create photos that tell impactful stories. Students learn the fundamentals of equipment, composition, depth of field, movement, use of light, color, and black and white. From our state-of-the art digital photo lab, every student will explore both digital and analog photography. Students travel to on-site photo shoots in California and out of state.
Film and Television
Through hands-on workshops and partnerships with industry professionals, students dive deep into the art of storytelling, including structure and character development. They create multiple shorts, music videos, documentaries, and full length feature films. Students submit their work to festivals around the country, and have won numerous awards. They also attend the Sundance Film Festival.

Students focus on technique, creativity, physical capabilities, personal expression, endurance, rhythm and choreography.  They hone their craft while working with some of the industry’s best choreographers and dancers. Through events and venues, students will perform on stage.

Students learn basic and advanced songwriting techniques including melody, harmony and phrasing, and closely examine theory, styles, and genres to inform their compositions. They work independently and collaboratively. They perform their own works, or have them performed by OCS vocalists. Industry professionals are also available to review their work.
Students build their skill through advanced study of performance practice, basic pedagogy, ear training, music theory, and technique. Students learn basic recording techniques for their instrument through the study of various Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Collaboration is key as students work with various tracks within the IAI on synergistic projects.


Music Production
Music production features the utilization of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) of Logic Pro X and Pro tools in the production of multi-track projects. Students learn basic and advanced techniques including recording MIDI and audio, advanced editing, mixing and mastering skills. Students collaborate with the film and photography students in scoring and post production.
Acting for the Camera
Acting students deepen their technique by developing skills needed for on-camera performance. Class work focuses on the acting process, and culminates with work-in-progress presentations and recorded projects done in collaboration with the film class. Script analysis monologues, character study, and scored script are covered. In addition, students learn self-recording audition methods and cold-reading techniques on camera.



Students build on the artistic foundations of good composition, balance, color theory and drawing techniques.
Emphasis is on storytelling skills and character development as well as animation principles such as timing, spacing, squash and stretch, and staging. Students use Adobe Animate and other digital animation programs.

College Counseling for the Arts

Students enrolled in the IAI will receive college counseling specific to their pathway. Students and parents will meet regularly with the arts counselor starting in the freshman year to choose annual classes, explore colleges for their area of study, and understand the application and audition processes for performing arts and portfolio and application requirements for visual arts. Please contact College Counselor for the Arts Edward Rouse for more information: