Educational Travel


Each year OCS undertakes various travel ventures to dovetail the students’ current learning and augment new ideas and thinking. We do this while preserving the values that make Oaks Christian unique: honing our students’ leadership skills and deepening their sense of community responsibility. OCS is pleased to offer the following travel opportunities for our students to expand their minds and their horizons.

Grades 5-8

Art History Trip, Winter 2018 - The Italy Experience

During winter break, members of OCMS grades 6-8 will depart on an educational odyssey that brings to life their lessons from history and art history classes. Together we will experience Rome, Florence, Pisa and Milan. Traveling as learners, we will walk where the gladiators walked through the Coliseum and Forum in Rome. We will feel the sacredness of the Sistine Chapel as we visit the Vatican and learn biblical history as we tour the Roman Catacombs. The powerful statement of Michelangelo’s David in Florence is as exciting as climbing the famous leaning tower of Pisa. Our last day together we will sit in awe at Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. We will do our best to speak a little Italian, eat a lot of gelato, but most of all have a life-changing experience with both old and new friends.

Grades 9-12

Israel Study Tour, Winter 2017 - Israel

Join Bible teachers Jade Molina and Dee Dee Mayer on an educational “Journey of a Lifetime” to the land of Israel. More than a vacation, this educational expedition with GTI Tours is an all-inclusive guided trip that brings Scripture to life through a first-hand encounter with the land and lessons of the Bible. We’ll gaze upon the ancient walls of Jerusalem and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. More than tourists, we’ll be traveling as learners: with our eyes, ears, hearts and minds open. Through our tour of Israel, OCS students and families will:

• Actually see and enrich their knowledge of places and stories they have learned about in the classroom.

• Gain a deeper understanding of the Holy Land and the life of Christ that simply reading about could never convey.

• Gain new insights into their own faith and culture.

• Interact with people whose language, beliefs and customs are different than our own, gaining a broader perspective of the stories told in the Bible.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is open to all Oaks Christian students and their families. It’s our prayer that God will use this adventure to ignite our minds, enlarge our hearts and deepen our faith. We look forward to traveling with you on this amazing journey.

Travel dates are February 15-24, 2017. Space is limited to 50 participants. For more information, please visit our reservation website at:

Science and Service Trip, Winter 2017 - Belize

Students will have the opportunity to serve the children at the Liberty Children’s Home in Belize City. Also, students will explore the rain forest, visit Mayan ruins, snorkel on the coral reef, and learn about the wildlife of the area. For more information, please contact Dr. Mike Kirchner at

World War II Historical Trip, Spring 2017 - Europe

The Oaks Christian History Department in conjunction with World Strides historical tours is traveling to Europe during Spring Break, 2017, to visit significant European locations of World War II. Students will have the opportunity to travel to London, Normandy, Bastogne and Munich giving them a “boots on the ground” perspective to expand their understanding of the epic story of World War II.

Contact Jeff Dewey for trip or registration information –

Immersive Cultural Experience and Service Trip, Summer 2017 - Borneo

Oaks Christian is excited to announce the launch of a trip to Borneo next Summer. The trip will offer students a life-changing experience in the world beyond the classroom--exploring the rich history, culture, and geography of this incredible island, home to the highest mountain peak in South East Asia and one of the last places on earth to encounter Orangutans in their natural habitat! A true traveler's adventure.

The Borneo trip will be led by Oaks Christian English teacher Mrs. Goeser and managed by educational travel experts Unearthed Travel, who bring 25 years’ experience delivering immersive cultural experiences to high schools students and faculty to amazing destinations around the world. The Borneo trip is designed to empower students to explore their comfort zone in a safe and structured environment, while building new skills around leadership and resilience. Student will have the opportunity to contribute on a local community service project, explore the pristine jungles, and sightseeing activities.

For more info about Unearthed, watch this short video:

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Matzke, Community Service Director