Programs and Opportunities

Advisory Groups

Every faculty member and some administrators and staff lead a group of students through both small group and individual mentoring. These groups allow students to further discuss chapel topics in a more intimate setting, as well as provide opportunities for mentors to track their students’ progress in school, both academically and socially.


To provide our student body the opportunity to experience many and varied faith-producing moments.

To educate students in the actions, application and use of the Arts Christian Worship.

To provide a ministry training-ground so as to equip students for future ministry.

Class Retreats

All students take an annual retreat with their class. In the high school, freshmen canoe down the Colorado River, sophomores go on a mini bowling retreat, juniors spend a day at Calamigos Ranch and seniors head off to San Diego for three days to reflect on their high school experience. In the middle school, sixth-grade students enjoy a Malibu retreat, while seventh and eighth graders spend time at Lost Canyon. Every retreat has a spiritual component that serves as a reminder to students to consider a lifetime of following Jesus Christ.

Moms in Prayer

If you crave a place where God is present, prayers are answered, and hearts are knit together, the Moms in Prayer ministry is the place for you! This is a great opportunity to get to know other OCS moms and their hearts for their students. We believe prayer is the wisest investment you can make in your children’s lives. All groups this year will be middle school and high school combined.

Partnership with Parents

The most important job in the world is that of a parent. It is a high calling and a challenging role to fulfill. The lion’s share of character development, faith development, and education of a child happens in the home. We endeavor to partner with parents for the well-being and education of their sons and daughters, and to do so intentionally by offering resources, frequent communication, training seminars, and excellent service. On a weekly basis, we offer a Partnership With Parents article in the e-newsletter. On a quarterly basis we hold parent training seminars, bringing in high-caliber professionals on a variety of topics. Our faculty are trained to communicate with parents in a timely fashion in order to best serve the students and families here at OCS.

To listen to or view past parent training seminars, click here.


We seek to serve as a place of sending forth. We aspire to teach our students a fundamental truth: our personal transformation is not an end in and of itself, it is to serve and love others. OCS students are required and challenged to incorporate this truth through active community service in the local and international communities. In doing so, they encounter first-hand what it means to “love the poor, feed the hungry, and care for the widows and orphans.”