Grandparents Day 2023

Parents - we are asking YOU to please register the grandparents/students for grandparents day Friday, Nov. 17.

Please read all the important information here about Grandparents Day. Registration is required to attend.


Grandparents Day is Friday, Nov.17. This special day includes student performances, classroom visits, and lunch with their OCS grandchildren.  Also, there will be an optional, estate planning seminar in the morning prior to the program. It is at 9:15am in Calvary Room 1100.

This event is specifically intended for our grandparents and their OCS grandchildren only.  Unfortunately, our space is limited, so we cannot accommodate parents or student’s friends for lunch – only the grandparents and OCS grandchildren who are registered can attend.  If your student’s grandparent needs assistance of any kind, please email Monika Evans:

Friday, Nov. 17

Location:Calvary Community Church
5495 Via Rocas
Westlake Village, CA  91362

Optional Estate Planning Seminar/Calvary room 1100.  Please RSVP on the registration form if grandparents would like to arrive early to attend this informational seminar prior to the event.  After the seminar, grandparents will proceed to Calvary Celebration Center and save seats for their grandchildren.

10:00am - Arrival. Drop off or park in Calvary Community Church parking lot.  Grandparents will proceed to the Calvary Celebration Center, find their seats, and save seats for their grandchildren to join them.

10:30am - Event begins in Calvary Community Church Celebration Center.

2:00pm – Event End. 

Parking will be limited. We recommend drop off in front of Calvary. Otherwise, parking is available in the Calvary Community Church parking lot.

·        Must be completed by Wednesday, Nov. 8

·        Registration is REQUIRED for students and their grandparents this year.

·        For entry, wristbands will be given at check-in to registrants only on the day of the event.

·        We ask you, as the parent, to complete the registration form on behalf of the grandparents and students.

·        Please provide the grandparent(s) contact information on the form so we can communicate additional important details with them as we get closer to Grandparents Day. The event details will be shared with you as well.   Additionally, we would like to reach out and thank those grandparents who were able to attend after the event. 

Additional Information                     

If grandparents have grandchildren in middle school (which includes grade 4 and Academy V) and high school, they can decide which schedule to follow regarding lunch shifts and classroom visits. The grandchildren will be together with the grandparents for the program at Calvary Community Church. They can choose which lunch shift and classroom schedule to go with (middle school or high school). The schedule is included below. Please go over the schedule with the grandparents and grandchildren to plan ahead. Grandparents will save seats in Calvary Community Church Celebration Center and the grandchildren will meet them. PLEASE coordinate with each other ahead of time about a meeting spot i.e.: left side, right side, middle, front, back etc. Feel free to text and coordinate location. After the performances, we have alternating shifts of lunch and classroom visits.

We have several students who do not have grandparents attending on grandparent’s day. For those students, they will attend the assembly in Calvary and then continue their day as usual for their regular school day and lunch.

Convenient parking is available in the Calvary Community Church parking lot, where volunteers will direct traffic and assist guests. We have plenty of handicap parking. If needed, we will have golf cart transportation available. If there are any specific needs or additional requests or accommodations, please email Monika Evans at or call 818.575.9278.

The pre-event Estate Planning Seminar is optional. It is scheduled at 9:15am before the program begins. Enjoy complimentary pastries and beverages when you join us at this presentation on how to make the most of your wealth in supporting the institutions that matter to you. Sherwood Financial Partners, founded by Oaks Christian alumnus Matthew Davis, Class of 2005, will share efficient and effective strategies for making the most of your charitable goals. We hope to see you there!



Early arrival – Optional Estate Planning Seminar

Calvary Room 1100





Arrive, park, and find your seats in Calvary.  Save seats for your grandchildren.  They will meet you in Calvary at 10:30. Set up meeting spot.

Calvary Community Church Celebration Center




10:30am – 11:30am

Grandparent Day program

Calvary Community Church Celebration Center




11:45am – 12:45pm

Middle School/Grade 4/Academy V - Lunch with Grandchildren



High School - classroom visits





12:50pm – 2:00pm

High School Lunch with grandchildren



Middle School/Grade 4/Academy V – classroom visits






End of Event. Golf cart transportation back to church parking lot


It is our hope that you and your child will serve as our ambassadors by extending a personal invitation to your loved ones to join us on Grandparents Day. Please register for the grandparents and students, as registration is required. We sincerely look forward to sharing a small part of the Thanksgiving holiday with your family.