The Oaks Performing Arts Society (OPAS) is a booster society for the performing arts at Oaks Christian School. Since its inception in 2011, OPAS has been led by a non-profit booster board of parent volunteers who are dedicated to preserving and augmenting the essential resources necessary for an extraordinary performing arts department. OPAS embodies the belief that the arts play an integral part of the education of each student, broadening their cultural and artistic awareness. Each year, almost half of the OCS student body participants in at least one performing arts class or stage performance. As such, OPAS is dedicated to developing and sustaining financial patronage and volunteer support as a means to enrich all of the OCS performing arts disciplines.

Over the years, OPAS has supported the performing arts in different ways: membership at different financial levels, our annual Music Fest and the Impresario Campaign. The financial contribution of our supporters has blessed the choir, band, theatre, dance, orchestra programs, as well as the Bedrosian Pavilion facility where many of our performances take place.

Many of our performing arts productions have won numerous awards and accolades. This would not have been possible without the support of our patrons.