Meet the Schulers

We Knew Oaks Christian Would Deliver

We joined Oaks Christian School in 2018 when our three other children were happily attending another local Christian school.  Initially we began to explore Oaks Christian when our seventh grade son, Austin, learned of the abundance of elective choices Oaks Christian had to offer. He was up for the greater academic challenge that he knew Oaks could provide. 

From the very day he shadowed another student during the admissions process, we knew Oaks Christian would deliver. Austin was excited about the many options to explore, and we were eager to watch him grow in a high-quality academic program. Oaks Christian was a whole new world of opportunity that we were ready to seize. 

We joyfully give of our family’s resources to support the mission of this great school and we are confident that our gifts are allowing other Oaks Christian students to thrive like ours.

Our three children who attend Oaks Christian are unique and have thrived in different ways. The breadth of academic, arts, and athletics programs has served our family well - from tutoring at the OC Learning Center, to Honors and AP classes, competitive high school seasons, and the Institute of Arts and Innovation - all have blessed our children. Important to us as parents are the social aspects such as the Humanities Club, and service opportunities like Lions Voice.

Oaks Christian's entrepreneurial spirit and innovation is clearly evident with things like the Idea Lab, the Boarding School, and the Institute of Arts and Innovation. The amazing way the school pivoted to remote learning (and prepared the campus for return) during COVID-19 has been reassuring.  

As with any gift you initially give to an organization, you always wonder what the impact is going to be and how we are going to affect lives. It is clear that Oaks Christian uses our gifts very wisely, which makes it very easy for us to continue to give!